21-Day Fix

21-Day Fix Kick off to Summer ~ Memorial Day Fix starts 5/2!

These little things make a BIG difference…

21-Day Fix

And I KNOW this having followed the 21-Day Fix meal plan for over a year (hello lifestyle and NOT a diet)…but then I start getting slack and eyeballing portions and it’s a little extra pasta here, a tablespoon vs. a teaspoon of peanut butter — it all adds up!

I have felt amazing all week actually USING them (imagine that!) but I know it’s time to STEP it up because Summer is FAST approaching and I can’t wait! Beach, drinks, good food! And I plan on getting ahead of the game by putting in the work NOW. ?

So my team and I are kicking off a 3-week accountability group on 5/2…Memorial Day FIX!! We are going to be following a program that is tried and true, not a fad diet, but a SYSTEM that changes your lifestyle.

Included in this challenge…

• 30-minute workouts
• meal plans, recipes and portion control
• daily Superfood shake (YES it IS necessary to aid in your results and for recovery – you will be sore!)
• private online accountability group
• me and my team to guide you!

It’s ALL so simple. You will kick yourself for not trying it sooner. We start the week of 5/2 and go right up to Memorial Day weekend…5-10 pounds lighter and feeling amazing for the kick-off of Summer?

Yes PLEASE!! ???

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