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Year of Health Accountability Group – Enrolling NOW!!

Imagine what you can change in 2017. One thing I do know is that it’s time to start looking past the 21 days or 30 days and change our mindset from quick fix to long-term success. I’m in it for the long haul and I can guide you to make the same lifestyle changes! This is what we will be focusing on in my Year of Health accountability group…

A few things that I know can be controlled are the way you feel, whether you are active, the foods you put in your body and your happiness. You can control how you TREAT your body.

When you make a decision to start eating better and exercise it changes EVERYTHING. You will have more energy, be more productive, feel ALIVE. Your children will watch you and develop positive habits that will stay with them for a lifetime. You will feel good about yourself, accomplished and committed to something.

With that said, I am ready to get our YEAR OF HEALTH accountability group ROCKING right now!! This journey should be FUN. It doesn’t have to be a drag, it doesn’t have to feel like work, it can be a BLAST!

Stop thinking. Start doing. Just start. It’s the hardest part, trust me. I am looking for 10 men and women to commit with me, to commit to themselves and start a new way of life. ?

I’m adding people for a Monday start all this month. Let’s do this! Fill out my application below and I will be in touch!

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