fit mom challenge

Fit Mom Challenge kicks off 10/24

We were recently evacuated for Hurricane Matthew and returned to no damage (thank goodness) but LOTS to clean up. Watching my 6 year old daughter help us made me realize how much my healthy lifestyle has truly impacted the entire family. She was such a helper – she took charge and jumped right in, dragging branches out that were twice the size of her. She was proud and felt strong. And that is EXACTLY what I want for my daughter growing up. 💪🏻

fit mom challenge

This lifestyle is about SO much more than exercise and how it effects ME alone. For both my daughters especially, I want them to grow up having self-confidence AND a positive body image. I love that I’m modeling these healthy behaviors and ideals for them now.

All the Fit Mom Challenge details…

I’m kicking off a new 3-week accountability group on 10/24 for MOMS that are ready to start setting the example for their family. I believe that it needs to start with you…a healthy mom = a healthy family.

The group will consist of 30 minute workouts, a food guide that still allows you to cook your family’s favorite meals (but will help YOU with portion control) and a daily shake that will give you the energy FOR your kiddos!! Win-win-win, right?

fit mom challenge

I’m only taking 10 mommas right now. I want this to be a very tight knit group where we can focus on motivating and supporting each other and sharing our daily mom struggles.

If you are not already working with a Coach, please fill out the form below me to join us. I have some fun goodies to give away with your challenge pack purchase as well…I’m REALLY excited about this one! Let’s do this together! 👊🏻

Fill out my online form.
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