Happy Thanksgiving Y’all!

Hope y’all had a great Thanksgiving!  As you can see from how long ago my last post was, I was busy busy. My in-laws were visiting from Pennsylvania, staying in downtown Savannah in the cutest house on Greene Square.  We got to live like we lived downtown for a week, which was nice…walking to dinner, breakfast, strolling around.  It was great.  
As for Thanksgiving dinner, I had all these grand ideas about posting all sorts of recipes from the dinner and dessert, but it just didn’t happen.  We did most of the cooking on Thanksgiving morning and I couldn’t get all the pretty pictures before everything was consumed!  I managed to sneak in a couple here and there and thought I would share my pictures of not just the food, but of our Thanksgiving holiday.  Enjoy!
This was the first day that Nonni and Poppi were here.  We were walking to lunch at Moon River Brewing Company…Jules wearing her Princess Halloween costume.  She’s a trip.

 This is Jules and her Aunt Nikki, or Tetta as we call her.  Long story short, there was an Aunt Tetta in my husband’s family, or Tetta is Russian for Aunt (not that he’s Russian, so maybe that’s wrong, too?)?  I forget, but that’s what we call her! 
Me and Baxter, one of my three fluffs.  Relaxing…
Jules and Poppi making an advent calendar that is a tradition in my husband’s family.  The princesses helped, of course.  
Jules after her Preschool Thanksgiving program.  The sweetest little Indian!  

This recipe you will surely see posted on this blog, probably sometime soon.  This is a tradition in my family on Holidays…Tollhouse pie.  Sorry I don’t have a picture of the inside, but it is a scrumptious chocolate chip pie and so easy to make.  Stay tuned for that one.  

Getting set up for dinner.  I love the little decorations that Jules brings home from Preschool.  So homey…

This is our attempt at getting a Thanksgiving family picture.  Believe me….this is a good as it gets.  It’s next to impossible to get everyone to sit still.  
Me and Miss Bean…so very thankful.  She is my world!! 
Jules helping Nonni tear apart the bread for the stuffing.  This has been her “job” since last year when she helped my dad, Nonno do it.  

I love using lemons when I roast a chicken or turkey.  These came from my lemon tree!!  Cool, right??

And this delicious looking turkey is adapted from Ina Garten’s Herb Roasted Turkey Breast.  OMG, really.  So unbelievably good.

Max was so sleepy at dinner, he fell asleep right at the table.  We all took naps afterwards, I mean, pretty much that’s just what you do…
 And, what a perfect way to end such a lovely day.  Glass of Riesling and a fire…
How was your Thanksgiving?  Any recipes you need to tell me about?  

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