21-Day Fix meal plan

21 Day Fix Meal Plan – P90X3 Transition Week Block 1

I started P90X3 a few weeks ago with my husband and yesterday we started week 4!  So proud of him as he has never made it past week 1 (ok or maybe 2)…it just goes to show you that accountability works!  Plus he got into a routine getting up early for me and it’s been a lot of fun working out together.

Here is the meal plan I am following this week.  Each color represents a different color coded portion control container (want more info?  Keep scrolling…the 21 Day Fix is my most popular program and my next challenge group kicks off 5/31).

I use the 21 Day Fix cookbook, Fixate a lot because it is AMAZING.  I have tried quite a few recipes and there hasn’t been one that I didn’t like.  If you are interested in purchasing, this will take you to my site — > CLICK HERE, SHOP, then type Fixate in the search bar. I KNOW you will love it as much as I do.

{Click the picture to download or print this meal plan} 

21-Day Fix Meal Plan

I am following the 1800-2099 calorie bracket.  I am on the maintenance plan and am not eating at a deficit.  You will need to figure out the bracket that is right for you.  And if you are not already actively working with a Beachbody coach and you need help getting started, simply create a FREE Beachbody account with me as your coach HERE!

Here are a few recipes from my 21 Day Fix meal plan this week:

Honey Mustard Dressing

1/2 cup reduced fat Greek yogurt
3 TBSP Dijon Mustard
3 TBSP honey
3 TBSP rice vinegar
1/4 cup olive oil
sea salt to taste

Combine all of the ingredients except for the olive oil, whisk well to combine.  Slowly add oil until well blended.

Asian Marinade Salmon (my recipe and you can find it by requesting access to my Simply Clean group on Facebook!)
Turkey Meatballs (also in my Simply Clean group)


~ Other Beachbody News ~ 

21-day fix meal plan

This week I was chosen for an amazing opportunity – to be part of an exclusive, invitation only group for Coaches, led by MY Coach’s Coach (and one of the co-founders of our big big team – whew! Let’s just say it’s kind of a big deal ?). This group is designed to help me take action steps toward some BIG end of the year goals. This is huge for me and frankly, my team, who will benefit from all that I learn. ??

So listen up — because I am currently looking to mentor 5 MOTIVATED individuals who are willing to go ALL-IN. Who have a desire to help others and get fit themselves while building a steam of income (win-win-win). ☺️ I firmly believe my team is JUST getting started and now would be the perfect opportunity to begin.I will teach you everything!! Don’t let this opportunity pass you by because you think you can’t do what I do…because you CAN and I’m watching my own coaches do it as well!

Fill out this form to apply (this is just the first step and we will talk further to make sure this is the right fit for you!). Cannot wait to hear from you!! ✌?️❤️??

21-day fix meal plan

4 Moms, 10 kids between us…4 moms just like you. With crazy schedules, piles of laundry, frequent moments of insanity and utter chaos.

We thought it could not be done too. But here we are…still a bit crazy ? but feeling fabulous, strong, energized, fulfilled, and motivated! And we are on a MISSION to show other moms you can feel the same. I will show you how to take care of yourself, keep yourself healthy, start being active and eating right again, and feeling better about YOU. It is SO important for our families that we are at our best!

Give me 30 days — nothing crazy. 30 minute workouts, a meal plan, even your daily Superfood breakfast included. We start 5/31 so enjoy your Memorial Day weekend and then we will get to work!

If you are SERIOUSLY ready to commit to this challenge, fill out the form below to apply for a spot. The first 5 that commit will receive a free gift from me!

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