Shaun Week was AWESOME! Who’s in for Shaun Month??

In case you missed it, Shaun T released Shaun Week on June 12th and it was AWESOME! Seven days of cardio, core, strength and lots of sweat. This was released EXCLUSIVE for Beachbody On Demand customers. And if you DID miss it, I have great news…

Shaun Week

Shaun T JUST released a 30-day schedule using those 7 NEW workouts, plus some from T25, Insanity Max:30 and BOD’s Yoga Retreat. It is going to be AMAZING. 

I have gotten incredible results with Shaun T’s programs over the past 3 years. He has had a HUGE influence not only on the physical part of my fitness journey, but mentally as well. There is a reason I chose to do T25 during the first part of my pregnancy – because he motivates me like NO other. You can’t help but push when he is telling you to.

I have a small group already that just finished week one and decided to move straight into the 30-day schedule. I can truly add you at ANY time, but I will be officially starting on 7/5 after I wrap up T25.

WHO’S IN for this 30-day, intensive full-body boot camp?? Simply fill out my Contact Form for info on how to access BOD for an extension of Shaun Week and join us! 

*By the way, YES you CAN!!! I did this 20 weeks pregnant. There is an amazing modifier. ANYONE can do these workouts.*

CONTACT ME for more information on how you can access BOD, Shaun Week and EVERY single Beachbody program for a crazy low price this month!