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Transform :20 – ALL the details

You guys!! Guess who is back?? It has been 3 years since we’ve had an entirely new workout program from Shaun T. We got to spend a little time with him in SHAUN WEEK but it’s now time to TRANSFORM our bodies and minds in 20 minutes a day, 6 days a week with Transform :20! Yep – you read that right. 20 MINUTES a day.

transform :20

4 1/2 years ago I decided I needed a change…

T25 was my first program EVER! It changed my mindset completely, got me in the best shape of my LIFE and sparked a passion in me I didn’t know existed with Coaching. I went from over-tired mom to feeling AMAZING and I couldn’t help but share what I was doing. I was compelled to show other women – other moms – that they COULD make time for themselves and have more energy for their family!

I’ll be totally honest with you…I’m not a cardio girl, but there is NO other trainer that motivates me the way Shaun T does. THAT is why I am SO excited for this program!! I feel like I’ll be going back to my roots! And knowing him, it’s going to be an awesome mix of cardio and strength.

What is TRANSFORM :20?

Total body workout for both the body and mind. Cardio, Strength, and Core Balance work using a Step riser. It is not step aerobics but rather a nonstop 20-minute workout to burn mad calories, sculpt your body, and build long lean muscles. If you know Shaun T, you know he takes cardio to a whole new level of burn!

In this program Shaun T takes a different approach to health & fitness by incorporating the mind as well.

  • 20 minute workouts
  • 6 days per week
  • 6 week program
  • Modifier in every workout
  • In real time…you will never see the same workout twice! Similar to LIIFT4 and 80 Day Obsession
  • Super simple dialed in nutrition plan to help you not only achieve and sustain your goals!

Check out these results from a few of my good friends that were in the test group…

transform :20

When is it available?

Launches in April 2019 on Beachbody On Demand. BUT, you can get VIP Early Access in January 2019! Fill out this form to get on my VIP List.

Who is TRANSFORM :20 for?

Everyone! Shaun T created this program knowing that there are many people who just don’t have the time to work out…not anymore! As a new father himself, he finds less and less time to get a workout in. This is what motivated him to create a program for EVERYONE. And if you’re thinking that 20 minutes isn’t enough for you…

Don’t these results speak for themselves? No added workouts!!

transform :20

Transform :20 Program Details

The Workouts

Well, if you were actually reading above you know the workouts are 20 minutes. 20 minutes. Not 21, not 24, 20. So you know, when Shaun T says “let’s go,” you better be ready to MOVE.

There are 3 Phases to the program:

  1. Commit
  2. Climb
  3. Conquer

Each phase gets harder. The moves more intricate. And the motivation, more impactful.

Each workout has a different name:

  • Burn
  • Faster
  • Stronger
  • Powerful
  • Cut
  • Balance

Burn though Cut (aka the Monday through Friday workouts) are intense.
You’ll be doing lots of fast feet movements up and down the step (think Speed 1.0/2.0 from T25 with a step), to lots of pushups, lots of burpees, and lots of abs.

Test group participants have said this first workout will test your will to continue — just keep going. You will get stronger.

Balance incorporates stretching, lighter cardio, and strength work.
It’s the perfect ending to the week.

Each workout has 3 “Transformers.”
A Transformer is a move timed for a minute where you have to push yourself to complete as many reps as possible. You track these in the Transformation Trackers. This will measure your improvements week-to-week.

The Nutrition Plan

The nutrition plan is simple. You get the option of following the portion control system or 2B Mindset. The plan provides simple bracket calculations.

transform :20


When this program launches this January I’ll be hosting my very own Test Group and I want YOU to join me! I did this with the launch of 80 Day Obsession and the group was PACKED, so make sure you fill out the form below to make sure you reserve your spot NOW! Even if you’re not totally certain whether Transform :20 is right for you, fill out the form and we can chat about it together.

Plus, Shaun T will be hosting an Exclusive Coach Test Group and you’ll have the opportunity to join in (even if you’re not currently a Beachbody Coach!). Simply fill out the form below and I will be in touch in 24-48 hours with more details!